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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mansell St Corridor Project Update

At tomorrow evening’s SFCTA-CAC meeting, we will be voting on allocation of OneBayArea Grant Funds, and it appears as though the Mansell Corridor Project is going to be recommended for funding.

From tomorrow night’s SFCTA-CAC meeting agenda:
Mansell Corridor Improvements (SFMTA): Since the last project update in February 2013, the project team, including SFMTA, DPW, and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) has completed a successful community process, which included three community meetings, a community feedback form, and a hearing at the Parks Commission in April for the approval of the selected alternative. This project development work increased the project’s competitiveness for OBAG, but it is still ranked as a middle tier project.

The project cost increased slightly from $6.7 million to $6.8 million. Due to funding constraints the project team has decided to phase the project. Phase 1, which includes all of the major bicycle and pedestrian safety upgrades, street repaving, and lighting has a cost of $5.6 million and was submitted for consideration for OBAG funds. Phase 2, which includes landscaping and other amenities, has a cost of $1.2 million. The Phase 1 funding plan included a request for $2 million in OBAG funds, along with $2.5 million in Prop AA vehicle registration fee funds (already programmed), $95,000 from the RPD Parks Bond or other RPD sources, and $589,000 in Prop K funds.

Due to limitations in OBAG funding we are recommending $1.7 million instead of $2 million. We will fill in the gap with $300,000 in un-needed Prop K funds left over from the Prop K/RBPP fund swap mentioned above. The original intent of the RBPP program was to fund infrastructure improvements to pedestrian and bicycle facilities such as an included in the Mansell project. The project team is supportive of our OBAG/Prop K funding recommendation.

Phase 2 will be funded through the RPD Bond or other RPD sources. RPD has pending grant request for $848,000 from the Strategic Growth Council’s Urban Green Grant program, which it should know the results of in early 2014.
Next steps: The Authority Board will adopt the final OBAG program of projects in June 2013 to meet MTC’s June 30 deadline. OBAG funding programmed in Fiscal Year 2013/14 will be available for use by December 2013. We will work with project sponsors to program the funds in MTC’s Transportation Improvement Program, and will provide project delivery.
The timeline on the project would have construction beginning in August 2015 and ending a year later:

If you would like to check out the latest on the project, please see the project web page:

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