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Friday, June 14, 2013

Emergency Firefighting Water System Upgrade

About the Program

The Emergency Water Supply System (also known as the Auxiliary Water Supply System or AWSS) is vital for protecting against loss of life, homes and businesses, in the event of a major disaster, by providing an additional layer of protection to supplement the domestic water system. The system delivers high-pressure water and cistern water storage for suppression and includes two pump stations, two storage tanks, one reservoir and approximately 135 miles of pipes. A reliable firefighting water supply system is crucial to the safety and quality of life for San Franciscans. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission assumed responsibility for the system in June 2011 and is steadily moving forward with plans to make long-lasting seismic and operational improvements to it. This program will ensure that San Francisco can better protect its citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster.

Program Outcomes

• Improved reliability of the water supply system, particularly following a major earthquake or emergency.
• Repairs, replacements, and improvements to the most vulnerable components of the Emergency Water System’s underground pipe network.
• The addition of approximately 30 cisterns that will provide an emergency source of water for firefighting. 

Need More Information?
Contact Communications at: 415.554.3289 or info@sfwater.org Visit: www.sfwater.org/efws 

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