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Monday, November 25, 2013

Walk First

When you think about it, EVERY trip you take in San Francisco, whether it be by car, bus, train, bike, or skateboard, begins and ends with you being a pedestrian.  Pedestrian safety is something we all need to take seriously because we're all affected, so I applaud the City in its efforts to improve the pedestrian experience.

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable road users in San Francisco — accounting for half of all traffic fatalities. Mayor Lee has issued a Pedestrian Strategy that directs the City to implement solutions that reduce severe and fatal injuries, increase the walkability of San Francisco and make all neighborhoods safer for people walking. The Pedestrian Strategy provides a comprehensive set of actions and performance measures to make city streets more safe and walkable.  
WalkFirst is a data driven process facilitated by a collaboration of City agencies, that will prioritize the capital improvements needed over the next 5 years  to make San Francisco a safer place to walk. 
To learn more about how San Francisco is stepping into action and how you can be involved, please visit  
One of the things the Planning Department is doing is seeking participation from residents on how money should be spent.
The City will be investing $17 million over the next five years to improve safety conditions for people walking. Given the City’s limited resources and the need to use this money effectively, you will be asked to prioritize each of 15 pedestrian safety tools by indicating whether or not you feel that the tool is a low, medium or high funding priority – essentially, how would you spend $17 million on pedestrian safety? 

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