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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Please support our neighborhood bee farm.

Sunday, December 8
10AM - 2PM
The Bee Farm
Sam Bruno Ave at Ordway

If holiday shopping is beginning to be more stress than fun, we can help. Come to The Bee Farm this Sunday, 10 AM-2 PM, for our Holiday Honey Sale. 

A jar of hyper-local honey, produced by honey bees under the ethical and loving stewardship of volunteer beekeepers, is a gift idea that cannot be beat. Honey stores indefinitely, it is a sweet aid for a sore throat/cough, it is reputed to help with allergies, and is a healthy sweetener. And, all sale proceeds benefit non-profit San Francisco Bee-Cause in our quest to support local bee populations.

Our honey is attractively bottled in glass “queenline” style jars. With proper packing, they can be (and have been) shipped cross-country without breaking.

Prices (Cash Only): ½ lb jar - $10; 1 lb jar - $15

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