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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gentrification May Actually Be Boon To Longtime Residents

Gentrification (or GentriFUKation, a word I learned a couple of years ago) is a word that is always brought up to describe the negative impacts of neighborhood improvements upon existing residents.  NPR has an interesting article from Morning Edition on the subject, and how it may not be such a bad thing for those very existing residents whom we're told are being hurt by it.

From NPR,
The neighborhood is gentrifying.
That's been a dirty word for 30 years, since the middle and upper classes began returning to many urban cores across the U.S. It brings up images of neighbors forced out of their homes.
But a series of new studies are now showing that gentrifying neighborhoods may be a boon to longtime residents as well — and that those residents may not be moving out after all.
h/t S. Mayer

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