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Sunday, June 29, 2014

City Budget Passes, D10 Supported

The Board of Supervisors moved forward a balanced two year budget for the City. This year’s budget totals $8.6 billion and includes significant investments in District 10. After weeks of work we made more than $18 million in cuts to the Mayor’s proposed budget over two years. With this additional revenue we were able to fund key investments in programs and policies that will continue to keep San Francisco and District 10 working, affordable, healthy and safe. Additionally, because we lead a District 10 specific participatory budgeting exercise we were able to secure funding for many of the programs that neighborhood leaders put forward. These items are in addition to the already significant investments the Mayor’s budget made in increased police staffing, infrastructure and capital needs and health and human services. Some of these key investments include:

- $3 million of homeless prevention services, eviction defense and rent subsidies for families and people with disabilities that are in jeopardy of losing their housing;
- Funding for Supportive housing and services for transitional aged youth;

- Funding for more park patrol officers to increase security and safety in our neighborhood parks;
- Increased funding for crisis intervention services at SF General Hospital for victims of violence;
- Dedicated funding for domestic violence support services for public housing and Section 8 residents;
- Funding for expertise and assistance with code enforcement cases that involve mental health issues;
- Staffing to support improved crime data analysis;

- Increased staffing at the Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement to implement workers rights ordinances including healthcare, minimum wage and the Fair Chance Ordinance;
- Additional resources for District 10 workforce development programming and services;
- Dedicated resources to the contractor assistance program to help small and minority/women-owned businesses in San Francisco benefit from City and private contracts;
- Funding to create curriculum and internship opportunities for high school students in environmental and technology careers with our local Public Utilities Commission;
- Allocation for 120 spots for youth employment opportunities with the Public Utilities Commission
- Increased resources for more apprenticeship programs for San Francisco and District 10 residents in the Department of Public Works and Public Utilities Commission;

- Support for increased legal services on immigration issues;

- $1.5 million for the increase in our Children’s Fund set-aside for programming and services to children, youth and families;
- Funding for family development and family services programming;

- $2 million first time investment in food security to increase home delivered meals, groceries and healthy food assistance to seniors and communities like many of those in District 10 who lack adequate access to healthy food options;
- Support for HIV/AIDS services;
- Increased funds for community living programs which fund homecare, technology and improvements to keep seniors and individuals with disabilities living in their communities;
- Support services for patients suffering from breast and gynecological cancer;
- Renewed financial support for the Sunday Streets program;

- Funding for a plaza activation pilot program to provide activities such as farmers markets in public plazas in District 10;
- Resources for community murals on utility boxes throughout District 10;
- Funding for outdoor arts exhibitions;
- Lighting improvements in Dogpatch including at and around Esprit Park and the 22nd Street Caltrain Station;
- Seed funding for a District 10 branding campaign to showcase District 10 businesses, activities and tourism destinations;
- Dedicated funding for a community designed resource guide in Visitacion Valley;
- Funding to continue our emergency preparedness efforts in District 10;
- Increased funding for community outreach services and inter-racial violence prevention throughout District 10;
- $600,000 in funding to complete the acquisition and build-out of Daggett Park in Potrero Hill;
- Dedicated funding to staff and implement the Portrero Hill and Dogpatch Green Benefits District effort;
- Funding for continued programming in McLaren Park;
- Funding for a new permeable school yard at Starr King Elementary School;
- Installation of new exercise structures in public parks;
- Lighting improvements at Franklin Square Park;
- Pedestrian safety improvements to stairways and pathways in Visitacion Valley;
- New lighting for the Connecticut Street garden areas;
- Dedicated funding to improvements at Jackson Square Park and Playground;
- Resources for a “Keep Bayview Clean” educational campaign to address graffiti and illegal dumping;
- Funding to replace the retaining wall at Fallen Bridge Park

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