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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Money Talks - Fundraising totals in races that matter to D10

Despite running only 4 points behind David Chiu in the June 3 primary, D9 Supervisor David Campos has apparently fallen well behind the frontrunner Chiu in recent fundraising numbers.

According to fundraising data made public on Friday, David Chiu has 25-times the amount of money in the bank - $500,000 - as his opponent.  This despite their 2014 fundraising totals seeming to be much closer - Chiu has raised $579,393 in the first six months of 2014 while Campos raised $305,571.  It would appear the two Davids have run their campaigns very differently, Campos spending most of his money to ensure a good June 3 showing, while Chiu holding off spending his to bolster his run-up to the November election.

Also revealed were fundraising totals for the D10 supervisor race.  According to SFGate, "Cohen brought in nearly $117,000 this year, and has $175,590 in the bank after carrying over more than $110,000 from 2013. Kelly has raised $42,135 in donations and spent nearly all of it. But he has also received nearly $84,000 in public financing and matching funds, according to his campaign." Meanwhile, "Cohen, like all of the sitting supervisors, has declined to accept public financing."

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