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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Supervisors are obligated to take transit

From the SF Examiner,
In 1993, a grass-roots citizens group founded by Brown collected thousands of petition signatures and put a measure on the San Francisco ballot requiring the mayor, supervisors, and top city officials to ride Muni or other public transit to work at least twice every week. 
In the voter information pamphlet, Brown wrote: "Government is getting out of touch because too many officeholders and city workers act like potentates, not public servants. Send them a message! VOTE YES on AA to get them back to reality by riding the Muni twice a week." San Francisco voters overwhelmingly agreed, with 65 percent voting to make this official city policy. 
So when was the last time you saw Mayor Ed Lee on your Muni bus?
How do our Supervisors get to work?

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