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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

D10 League of Women Voters Forum

Below, find the time at which questions were asked:

5:00 How would you combat generational poverty city-wide?
9:00 How can D10 retain its unique character while at the same time benefit from the best of the new economy and what it offers?
13:30 What are your thoughts on transportation policy and how it affects D10, and how did you get here tonight?
18:30 Housing: It appears the city has a citywide housing lottery that competes with neighborhood people getting into housing - so do you have any plans to address that issue? With the failure of Senator Leno's Ellis Act eviction legislation, what can you do as supervisor to limit Ellis act evictions?
24:00 Safety: what will you do to see that our seniors and kids are safe in our city?
28:40 What would you do about blighted properties in D10; how can the Board of Supervisors address issue of homeless in the city?
34:20 What is your plan for addressing the scarcity of supermarkets in D10?
39:05 How will you work to curb then turn back displacement from D10; how would you address outmigration of Blacks from San Francisco?
42:20 AirBnB is supposed to pay hotel taxes and Uber is not accommodating people with disabilities - how would you handle these companies that violate the law?
48:45: Bayview has over 20 drug treatment programs - program operators seek more. How can you make these programs more effective and responsive to the community?
54:00 How will you work with the community to bring equal opportunities to the community?
59:00 Closing statements

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