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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Bayview Warriors?

From SF Examiner,
Opponents of a plan to build a Golden State Warriors arena in Mission Bay have identified an alternative location for the project and are urging city and team leaders to consider the site. 
The 21-acre site near Pier 80 in the Bayview has been proposed by the Mission Bay Alliance, a group led by former UC San Francisco officials who argue the arena in Mission Bay will create detrimental traffic congestion and permanently scar the neighborhood.
Despite being on Port land (a significant gotcha), a Pier 80 site has its potential benefits: great access by car, MUNI, and Caltrain; potential for expansion of MME as the turnaround of the short loop T and E trains, appeasing Dogpatch residents vehemently opposed to it at 18th/19th Sts; potentially increased funding for Blue Greenway down to Heron's Head and accelerated development of Pier 94.

A more southern site could also drive building of a second BART tube and could even improve transit within the Bayview. Without the MUNI short loop in Dogpatch (currently in litigation), the 16th St site will be challenging for nearby residents and the hospital, not to mention those trying to access events by car, MUNI, and Caltrain. Third and 16th Sts are already choked around UCSF during events. Pier 70 is already adding to that with its events, giving a prelude to what it'll be like during stadium events. Maybe we're too far down the rabbit hole to turn back on the current site, but if not, at least look at Pier 80 and explain why it's a no go.

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