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Friday, February 3, 2017

New Bike Route in Potrero Hill

Got this recently on my internal communications at work and thought I'd share...
The bike lanes on 16th St, west of the train tracks, stretching from Kansas St to Mississippi St, were removed a few weeks ago, so be very careful there. The new recommended bike route for 16th St westbound from Mission Bay goes left from 16th St, to southbound on Mississippi, to 17th St. westbound. There are bike lanes on Mississippi and on 17th St (except for one block where they are not yet installed). 
SFMTA staff reports: For the maneuver from WB 16th to SB Mississippi, we will be adding a green bike box at the far side of the intersection to provide cyclists on 16th an area to wait for the green for Mississippi to proceed south. As you probably know there’s a storm brewing and it’s expected to rain the next several days but once that clears our paint shop will prioritize painting the bike box.  
As for the one block on 17th St without a bike lane, they also advised: 
The block on 17th between Rhode Island and Kansas is narrower than the rest of the route, so we are working on some parking changes on that block that will allow us to stripe the remainder of the lane. This requires the SFMTA Board’s approval, and we are anticipating taking the parking changes before them in mid-February. Pending their approval, we would then fast-track the installation of the remainder of the bike lane.
This is part of a transformation including transit priority lanes on 16th St & re-routing the 22 Fillmore. 
Contact: Rachel Hyden, Public Information Officer, Transit Planning, SFMTA. rachel.hyden@sfmta.com 

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