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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class of 2010: Malia Cohen - SFBG

Sarah Phelan at the SF Bay Guardian writes, 
Can a winner who lost the first-place vote in D10 be a bridge builder?

It took two weeks and 19 updates of San Francisco's ranked-choice voting system before Malia Cohen, a former Mayor Gavin Newsom staffer and partner in a firm that helps businesses and nonprofits create public policy, was declared the winner of the hotly contested race to represent District 10, which includes Bayview, Hunters Point and Ingleside. The nail-biting time lag was a byproduct of complex calculations that involved 22 candidates, no clear front-runners, and a slew of absentee and provisional ballots.
But when the RCV dust settled, the results proved that the D10 vote continues to break down along class, race, and gender lines. These RCV patterns personally benefited Cohen's success in picking up second- and third-place votes.
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