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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steve Moss' Election Wrap, Part 1 - The Potrero View

In this month's Potrero View, Steve Moss writes,
Last month District 10 voters elected a new Supervisor:  Malia Cohen.  In a hotly contested race, in which Lynette Sweet won the most first place votes, Cohen elbowed past her initial third place position to emerge the winner through the ranked choice voting process.  In the final tally just one-fifth of the voters identified Cohen as one of their three choices, enough for her to edge out Tony Kelly, who received the second most first place votes.
The election results tell a chaotic tale of a district in search of an identity.  The two Asian-American candidates, Marlene Tran and Teresa Duque, gathered more than 3,400 votes between them, reflecting a new, powerful, ethnic voting bloc.  Kelly beat me in Potrero, but didn’t crack the top five vote-getters in the district’s other three dominant communities:  Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, and Portola.  Cohen won without strong support from the Hill – she was sixth in terms of first place votes from our community – suggesting a political tilt towards the district’s southern neighborhoods.  More than 2,500 District 10 voters either didn’t select a supervisorial candidate, or spoiled their ballot by marking multiple politicians as their first choice. If these individuals had properly voted or participated in the supervisors’ race they’d have changed the outcome.
Read more at the Potrero View

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