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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Willie Lewis Brown: The man behind the icon - The Western Edition

The Western Edition writes,
Recently, according to Brown, District 10 has experienced a highly competitive race for supervisor. Brown said that the city should return to citywide elections. He said that he absolutely abhors ranked choice voting because the process dilutes the race.

“The system that has been designed by the Progressives in this town adversely affects the ability for a distinct racial minority group to organize,” Brown opined. “If you had citywide elections as we’ve had in the past, and we had candidates running against other candidates, rather than this wildcard contest where nobody runs against anybody, you would be able to consolidate resources.

“As long as you have this wild card configuration where people don’t get but 40 votes, makes it almost impossible.”

To resolve the issue, Brown suggested that people urge the mayor and the Board of Supervisors to put a measure on the ballot that will modify the method of electing the supervisors.
Read more at The Western Edition

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