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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bayview sees second violent death in under 24-hours

The Bayview district has been rocked by yet another violent death, its second in under 24-hours.  Valentine's night on Osceola Lane, 30-year old Derek Hall was shot to death.  There is a new report of a second death, this a result of a stabbing that resulted from an argument at Mendell Plaza at the corner of Third St and Palou.  This area, hoped one day to be the center of town for the Bayview, is instead the site of chronic loitering, drug dealing, public intoxication, and sadly, killings like that seen today.  Read more here and here and here.

Our elected officials - Malia Cohen, Dennis Herrera, Mayor Lee - and city departments MUST create a coordinated strategy that involves ALL departments to deal with the ongoing problems in this area.  These aren't just quality of life issues - it's employment, education, homelessness, crime, etc.  Enough is enough!  Businesses are suffering.  Taxpayers are suffering, yet we feel like our voices are either falling on deaf ears or that the police and other city leaders just have no idea what to do!  Please tell us this isn't so!!

Do next steps involve shutting down the plaza area entirely so as to force people not to congregate there?  Or is it better, as I've heard some say, to have all the activity like this in one area where police can keep an eye on it?  Well, that would be just great if it wasn't also an area that children, families, commuters, business owners and their patrons use every day.  Why are taxpayers forced to avoid getting caught in the crossfire, harassed, and threatened just so that they can go about their daily (tax-generating) lives?  To Supervisor Cohen and other elected officials whom I can't say that I've ever seen riding the T-Third or out walking anywhere near Mendell Plaza without a security detail, I suspect you'll be hearing from your constituents soon about supporting some drastic changes to the area and convening some kind of task force to explore next steps to take back this area from those who make it a what it is.

More on this latest homicide at SFGate

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