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Friday, February 17, 2012

Suggestions for Mendell Plaza

My coworker today suggested that the hardscape in Mendell Plaza be ripped up entirely and all the land there that is owned by the city be converted into Mendell Children's Playground, which would then be accompanied by a low fence and the following signage (like that near City Hall/Civic Center):

CPC 653G Signage: No Adults Allowed

Others have separately suggested the space become a Quesada Gardens Initiative site. A fenced-off children’s playground could include a garden of raised beds, overseen by QGI volunteers, Radio Afrika folks, program directors at the Opera House, teachers and students at Carver Elementary, etc.

Someone else suggested the Bishop Blight Building be converted to a police substation.

These may not be the answers, but it's tangential ideas like this that will get us somewhere better than we are today.  Of course, money is the biggest obstacle, followed closely by any number of reasons.

What are your thoughts?

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