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Friday, March 16, 2012

The powerful women of D10 politics run for re-election to SFDCCC

Leah Pimentel
What do Malia Cohen, Hydra Mendoza, and Leah Pimentel have in common?  The three powerhouse women, all from District 10, are among the twelve incumbents (out of a total slate of 33) running for the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. 

For those who don't know, the SFDCCC is the governing body of the San Francisco Democratic Party – the official organization for Democrats in the city and county of San Francisco. The Central Committee is comprised of local Democrats elected by voters in each Assembly District, as well as partisan-level Democratic elected officials and nominees (Ex-Officio Officers). The party advances its goals through several programs including:
  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Outreach
  • Endorsements
  • Chartered Democratic Clubs
  • Fundraising and Infrastructure
According to Beyond Chron,
As the local “voice” of San Francisco Democrats, the DCCC elects members from the East Side (i.e., Tom Ammiano’s Assembly District) and from the West Side (i.e., Fiona Ma’s Assembly District.) In the past, the DCCC had 12 seats on the East Side and 12 on the West Side. This year, because of redistricting and to more accurately reflect the number of Democratic voters in San Francisco, the DCCC voted to apportion 14 seats on the East Side and 10 on the West Side. But that hasn’t changed much at all.

On the East Side, ten of the 12 DCCC incumbents are running for re-election to the 14 seats. Supervisor John Avalos, who was elected in 2010 as a West Side member, has been “re-districted” and is running for re-election on the East Side. Meanwhile, other “big names” running on the East Side include Supervisor Malia Cohen, School Board member Hydra Mendoza, ex-Supervisor Bevan Dufty, mayoral aide Joaquin Torres, District 5 candidate London Breed and political columnist Warren Hinckle.

Who are the ten East Side incumbents running for re-election? Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu & Scott Wiener, former candidates Rafael Mandelman, Alix Rosenthal & Gabriel Haaland, ex-Supervisor Leslie Katz, former State Senator Carole Migden, and appointed DCCC incumbents Matt Dorsey & Leah Pimentel.

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