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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vehicle, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

From today's Bayview SFPD Newsletter,
As you may be aware, last month there were several collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians which resulted in serious injury or death to the pedestrians. In response to these incidents, the San Francisco Police Commission and Board of Supervisors Neighborhood Services/Safety Committee met at City Hall on Thursday, January 16, 2014, to discuss the issue of vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle safety. Much of the meeting was spent discussing the “Three E’s”: Engineering, Education and Enforcement. SFMTA has and will continue to take the lead on Engineering the safest transit system possible. The Mayor’s Office, City departments, and SFPD take seriously its role in Educating the public regarding transportation safety. And last but not least, Enforcement. 
As mentioned in previous newsletters, SFPD is committed to enforcing the vehicle code for the purpose of deterring and changing unsafe behavior. SFPD and SFMTA have conducted a review of five years of collision data and identified the primary causes of collisions in each of the ten police districts. The most common causes of collisions in the Bayview are red light, pedestrian right of way, basic speed law, and stop sign violations. 
As 2014 unfolds, please make the pledge to slow down, look both ways, yield to pedestrians, and stop when required to do so. We’ll see you out on the roadways. 
Remember, bicycles follow the vehicle code as well, so you will get a ticket if a police officer sees you riding on the sidewalks, blowing through a stop sign or red light, etc.  Ride safely!

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