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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Curbed SF Poll for 'Curbed Cup' Neighborhood of the Year

It's pretty amazing how amped up people can get about their neighborhoods.  People set up automated scripts to stuff ballot boxes, users were resetting their browser cookies and using multiple computers and browsers to try to get their neighborhood into the winners circle of this poll.  Quite a marketing ploy for the folks at curbed.com to get noticed.  In the end, it looks like the webmasters have removed some votes (totals were in the 4000's yesterday, but are now at 1647 as the final tally).  Interestingly, the two neighborhoods are each at 50.0%.  Who won!?!

I have to admit that since joining the Potrero Neighbors Yahoo group, I have been pretty impressed by the people of Potrero Hill in seeing how they manage the PTA at Daniel Webster Elementary, work to get money for Starr King Openspace, etc., and the sense of community that these folks have built. 

In this online poll at curbed.com, Potrero Hill and Dogpatch were the only two D10 neighborhoods in the running.  It'd be nice to see a Visitacion Valley or India Basin get some recognition next time around.

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