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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fresh & Easy Launch Party

I too was invited to this event, but didn't get nearly as much information from the F&E folks as The Portola Yahoo Group member J. Morri did.  She writes,
Just wanted to give you an update on what the St. Elizabeth's LOC of the SFOP have been doing with bringing Fresh and Easy into the Portola.  In a prior e-mail, I mentioned that with met with D9 Supervisor David Campos.  Last Wednesday---(2/23), we met with D10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.  She, of course, wants to see a grocery store in the neighborhood and will be scheduling a meeting  with F&E on this matter.  As has been mentioned many times, it has been a very frustrating situation.
However, I think we now have some light at the end of that proverbial tunnel.  My husband, Tom and I were invited to attend the fete given by Fresh and Easy to celebrate their entry into Northern California.   It was held at the Palm Room in the Presidio.  

We were served food and wine plus dessert and coffee---all products from Fresh and Easy-even got some samples and a F&E bag!  What was exciting is we learned that F&E will be submitting architectural plans for the Silver Avenue location to the SF Planning Department by the end of March!
Now, we need to hope and pray that the City moves on this in a timely manner.  Also, perhaps, some of you have seen the notice of the liquor license attached to the fence on the Goettingen Street side of the building.  Please note that F&E only sells beer and wine.  

Now, we still don't have a specific date, but things are moving along.  There are no dates for the other two SF stores, either.  Although, 32nd and Clement will open first.  During this event, Tommy and I spoke with many people---vendors of F&E; the two top people for the West Coast operation and the regional real estate director of F&E.  We told them all of the need for a grocery store in our neighborhood---a need they sorely are aware of.  They are frustrated that this has taken so long, too.
Of interest, in speaking with the vendors, they mentioned that Fresh and Easy in very involved with quality control of the products-----products that don't have any chemicals or additives.
F&E will go to the plant to observe the processing of these products. 

Additionally, I know when F&E made their first presentation; they talked of the fruit and vegetables being pre-packaged. Well, they listened to consumers and now there is a choice---either loose or packaged. We, of course, will continue to monitor the situation and keep you advised.

If you are able to attend, the F&E in Pacifica will open next Wednesday--3/9 at
10:00 am---Cabrillo Highway and Linda Mar Boulevard.

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