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Sunday, March 6, 2011

SF Cracks Down on Illegal Dumping - KTVU

I used to call or tweet 311 sometimes five times a day about dumping just in my local area, but recently, I've actually noticed a decline in the trash.  I hope that DPW's recent push to alert residents to the problem and how to get their large trash items picked up has helped.  Still, there are the people from outside our district who still think we're a dumping ground.  Let's hope that continued reporting and pressure from the city, like the recent lawsuits filed by City Attorney Herrera, help the situation further.

From KTVU.com,
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is cracking down on illegal dumping and has announced plans to sue two companies, but catching the people responsible in the act is a challenge.

Herrera provided KTVU with surveillance video with four different views of illegal dumping at Newcomb Avenue and Barneveld in the city's Bay View Hunters Point neighborhood on Jan. 18, at about 1:30 a.m.The video is dark and the action is hard to see, but it shows is how difficult it is to stop illegal dumping.“It's extremely difficult and it’s even more so in the Bay View Hunters Point District because it's a vast area with a bunch of industrial properties,” said Herrera. “Many of which that are located on streets with dead ends and it also has easy access to freeway ramps.”In the video, a truck pulls up and the driver turns off its lights.
Read more at KTVU.com

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