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Friday, November 19, 2010

Malia Cohen Wins Seat for Supervisor for District #10

SAN FRANCISCO (11/18) – In a long and heated race to represent District #10, of the 23 candidates, Malia Cohen has been recognized by the Department of Elections as the winner of the highly contested race. In a press statement to supporters, Cohen stated, " All District 10 votes have been counted, and our campaign has emerged as the winner in the District 10 race for Supervisor. It will be an honor to serve you and the interests of our community in City Hall..."

Crediting her volunteers for the campaign's success, Cohen said, "Our campaign would not have been successful without the groundswell of support from countless individuals and supporters. It is through the hard work and perseverance of my supporters and volunteers that we stand where we are today. We are poised to make a real difference in our District, and I am humbled to have been chosen by the voters to lead that effort... I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize and congratulate all the other candidates who ran in this race. Together we inspired the dialogue and moved to the forefront the issues that affect our neighborhoods and communities, and I am looking forward making a real difference in the future of our District..."

Hoping to bring a new voice to City Hall, Cohen stated, "Throughout the campaign, I talked about bringing a new, strong, and fair voice to the Board—a voice that actively speaks for and represents our community. As Supervisor, I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that your voices are heard and that District 10 remains a part of the conversation... Our work has just begun, and I look forward to the road ahead..."

With many residents worried about jobs in the district, safety in the neighborhoods, and continuing problems of the budget at City Hall, many people feel that the next few years will be a test for the Board of Supervisors. Only time will tell if the newly elected leaders will be able to fulfill the desires of the electorate.

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