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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pier 70 site walk

A crowd of about 200 showed up at Pier 70 last night. 
As I walked down 20th St. past Illinois towards the Noonan building and Pier 70, past the ramshackle yet historic buildings of a bygone era, I was struck at the sight of hundreds of fellow San Franciscans from across the city who joined me on this tour. As I passed the PG&E building, a man quipped to his friend, "Looks like something going on."  Absolutely.  Pier 70 is to be a renewed and exciting frontier on the eastern side of town, and we were here to check it out.

"Pier 70" comprises 69 acres from Mariposa to 22nd St and east of Illinois. It maintains 15 acres for shipbuilding, the rest for development. The historic core is comprised of seven buildings that will be retained for retail housing, and offices.

Throughout, although they can't save every building, developers have realized the need to work to maintain and recreate many of the the views that have been part of the site since WWII.

More background on the project at Bayview Footprints.

Sight lines, like the one down the southern side of Building 12, will be retained as much as possible in the new development

Some historic buildings will be preserved, while others will need to go.

Though the dry-dock isn't part of the redevelopment area, the views that Pier 70 afford of it are awesome.

Views across the Bay will be a major feature of Pier 70 as it connects to the Blue Greenway

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