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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Portola Residents seek to Renew the Avenue Theater

The Portola Neighborhood Association is inviting neighbors from across the City concerned with the loss of our cultural and historic resources to help save yet another one from becoming just another urban drugstore by signing onto their "Renew the Avenue" petition drive.

The Avenue in 1928, from FoundSF
The Avenue, part of
the Portola for 85 years
The Avenue Theater on San Bruno Ave was built in 1927 in the classic, single-screen style of the day.  Longtime residents still remember stealing away in the afternoon with their childhood friends to catch a matinee.  The theater, emblazoned on the iconography that represents the Portola, is to be leased to CVS Drugstore and converted into just another a fluorescent-lit retail chain store.

Residents and proponents of the petition drive have already gone door to door in the neighborhood and have secured over 100 signatures in just one day!  

The text of the petition reads:
The Avenue in 1927, from FoundSF
The Avenue Theater, built in 1927, is the most significant historic property on the Portola District’s San Bruno business corridor. As the Portola continues to grow, it is more vital then ever that the San Bruno business corridor become home to businesses that represent the interest, culture and history of the community. 
We, the undersigned, seek the support of the City in developing a unique use for the Avenue Theater that enhances both the business and culture of the Portola while maintaining the historic beauty of The Avenue.
Please help residents of the Portola save their historic theater from becoming just another drugstore, and support their petition efforts to locate a unique, culturally important, and historically preserving enterprise in the Avenue Theater.

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